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Jackie & Kirsty – Mom & daughter photo shoot in Newtown – Johannesburg photographer

5 Jun

I have known Kirsty and Jackie for many years and have always admired their incredibly close relationship, they love each other dearly and it shows, and they have so much fun together, it’s  a really special bond.

I photographed Kirsty’s 30th birthday party in  November, also held in the city, at the awesome #1 bar in Braamfontein, what a super awesome party with an extraordinary view of the city, I loved it so much I carried on shooting till 3am, Kirsty really appreciated that.

Kirsty loves the city so much, and any opportunity she gets to spend time there partying, or just exploring, she will take it, so  she really loved the idea of doing the mom and daughter shoot, that she had bought for her mom as a mother’s day gift, in Newtown, this for her was just the perfect location. Mom Jackie was a little nervous,  when we met on Sunday afternoon outside Museum Africa,  simply because of the stigma the city still carries to some, but she  soon got over her initial apprehension, and really enjoyed herself. Kirsty and Jackie had such fun with this shoot, and of course so did I.

I will say it again, I love the city, and seriously need to spend loads more time exploring.

Marc & Shimone tie the knot – Johannesburg wedding photographer

20 Apr

I have known Marc and Shimone for many years; so when they asked me to photograph their wedding  naturally I was honoured. I was  very excited but also quite nervous, you tend to put yourself under more pressure when photographing your friends.

The ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful Lethabo estate just outside of Lanseria, hidden in a valley and along the banks of a river it was the perfect venue for an intimate and romantic wedding.

Shimone looked stunning in a gorgeous handmade wedding gown designed by the talented Taryn, another mutual friend of ours, and when I first saw the dress hanging up all I could think was; Whoa, that is so Shimone!

The entire wedding was very relaxed and the theme of romance was evident with the forest backdrop.  From the bridesmaids dresses to the fact that the bridesmaids were all barefoot, you got the feel that during the picnic reception that this was not the traditional wedding.

Instead of the usual Bridal Groom speech, Marc sang a very special song to his gorgeous bride, with help from his brother, Dean, and a close friend, both on guitar.  It was so special to see Shimone’s smile when Marc started singing, and the expressions on her face  all through the track  was, well,  just beautiful.

While all this love was going on, I was feverishly snapping away to capture the moments for this lovely couple.  Shimone loves being photographed, and is a natural in front of the camera, so it was very easy capturing her happiness and radiance on the day – she needed no direction or reassuring, she was just relaxed and happy in her new found matrimonial bliss, and Marc, well he was awesome too. I wish my friends, Marc and Shimone  joy, love, laughter and friendship always, may you guys be eternally blessed.


27 Mar

I asked my client, Cashe, to please write me a little something about her vintage mom and son, photo shoot experience. We did the shoot at Hermanstad train station in Pretoria and it was just the kind of shoot i have been wanting to do for so long now, neelesss to say I was a very happy Bron, its so aweosme to do a styled, creative shoot, gets the juices flowing, now bring on more of these shoots  universe!!!!


The suitcase with the money in it…

Just like every proud and doting mommy, I wanted to immortalize the little moments with my 5 year old before life happened and they slipped by.  It was fortunate that I had been given a gift of a family photo shoot and what better setting than at a steam train station in Pretoria? I wanted a vintage but not that vintage shoot and we pulled it off spectacularly!  When we arrived I was very nervous about the fact that I’d be in these photos as well but had reassurance from my Riley that I looked very pretty and Bron made it easy for me to feel comfortable as well…  Although that did take time.  The first few photos must have been a flop, but after a quick wardrobe adjustment I started feeling so much better and really got into the shoot.

Trying different poses, different settings, different backdrops, I didn’t want the shoot to end I was having so much fun and seeing my little guy in his 1920’s gangster regalia was precious.  After the initial nerves and uncertainty I went from timid and awkward to confident and relaxed and that shows in our photos!

While we were capturing the last shots of the day with a massive storm brewing in the distance and wind going like crazy, I was thrilled  that mother nature had done her bit to create the mood for us, wind machine and all.

It was an epic day of laughter, excitement and fun and  I’ve already started planning our next stylized shoot that Bron will be capturing as only she can, now just to find another outstanding venue like the last!


10 Jan
A very happy new year to all my wonderful clients and friends and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support, encouragement and love this past year, its been one heck of a year, here’s to an aboslutely fantastical 2012.
Heart and Soul Photography new studio

Heart and Soul Studio photography



The prettiest girl in pink – Johannesburg family photographer

24 Nov

I met Renate, Andre and gorgeous Dune at Johannesburg Botanical gardens in Emmerentia, for their family shoot. On that particular day the gardens were crowded, to say the least, but we were on our own mission and so we made our way from the bottom of the botanical gardens right to the top, stopping here and there to do some shots, we had to dodge and dive loads of people that day, but we managed to find some awesome spots, and so I got the pics I had planned. I really enjoyed this shoot, and oh my word! Dune is such a gorgeous little girl and oh so friendly, I managed to get some really beautiful shots of her.  I really love what I do, and I so  love family photo shoots like these, thank you ,my lovely clients xx

Lebo’s Lovely family – Johannesburg family photographer

2 Nov

I met Lebo and her lovely, lovely family at Emmerentia botanical gardenss, which in retrospect might not have been such a good idea as it was the start of the wedding season and the place was covered with brides and bridal party and indeed the entire wedding entourage. But we managed to do our family photo shoot in amongst all the noise and clutter and I am very pleased with the results.



What to wear for a portrait photography shoot.

8 Oct

The #1 question I get asked by clients when planning a portrait session:

“Any suggestions on what I/we should wear?”

As a rule (and there are always exceptions to rules), simpler is better.

What is the purpose of the portrait? If the purpose is to show off your cool threads, then by all means, deck yourself out. But if you want the focus to be you as a person, then here are some suggestions:

  • Wear something that makes you feel like you look awesome! If you feel uncomfortable with how you’re dressed, you will not exude the confidence you want in front of the camera.
  • Darker colors are more flattering and slimming. Pretty much a general observation is that people look better in dark colors than they do in light ones.
  • Solid colors are less distracting and help people’s eyes focus on your face. Avoid busy patterns or stripes.
  • Vertical lines are also slimming – think pleats or long jewelry.
  • Interesting necklaces can pull attention away from your midsection, but also away from your face. Just use wisdom here…
  • Women: wear heels. It makes you look slimmer and sexier as well as reducing the inclination to slouch.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too tight – they make you look fat.
  • Sleeves usually look better than sleeveless or short sleeves. (If you’re not convinced, think of Grandma’s jiggling arms).
  • For a family portrait, make sure the colors coordinate and that one person’s outfit isn’t going to make them stand out from the rest. I personally like black, red, gray or blue, brown, pink combinations.
  • Think about where you’re going to hang the prints. Make sure the color choices won’t clash with the décor.


Nikki, Rudy and Baby Ryley Newborn Shoot – Alberton Newborn Photographer

26 Sep

What a gorgeous little girl Ryley is and she was an absolute angel during the entire session. Big brother Rudy Jnr joined in for a few pics and you can see that Ryley already adores her brother, she kind of smiled every time he held her or when he spoke. We did the shoot at their home in Alberton, my old hometown, and we made use of the gorgoues natural lihgt that seeped through their bedroom window.

Sheetal Newborn shoot – Johannesburg Newborn Photographer

26 Sep

I have been flooded lately with either newborn  or maternity shoots, which Im loving, tis the season it would appear to either be expecting or having a baby. I love to capture the natural unobtrusive interaction between baby and parents and so I make use of natural light wherever I can, prefering to document rahter than set up the shoot.

I did Sheetals’ shoot at their home and we had a very chilled, relaxed time of it. The very proud granparents joined in at the end of the shoot for a few pics.

It’s all Peachey

5 Sep

What an awesome shoot!! We had such a blast with this shoot, loads of laughs and giggles and trekking through the Walter Sisulu Gardens to find the best spots, Thanks Erin and the Peachey family, you made my day, well, peachy…

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