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27 Mar

I asked my client, Cashe, to please write me a little something about her vintage mom and son, photo shoot experience. We did the shoot at Hermanstad train station in Pretoria and it was just the kind of shoot i have been wanting to do for so long now, neelesss to say I was a very happy Bron, its so aweosme to do a styled, creative shoot, gets the juices flowing, now bring on more of these shoots  universe!!!!


The suitcase with the money in it…

Just like every proud and doting mommy, I wanted to immortalize the little moments with my 5 year old before life happened and they slipped by.  It was fortunate that I had been given a gift of a family photo shoot and what better setting than at a steam train station in Pretoria? I wanted a vintage but not that vintage shoot and we pulled it off spectacularly!  When we arrived I was very nervous about the fact that I’d be in these photos as well but had reassurance from my Riley that I looked very pretty and Bron made it easy for me to feel comfortable as well…  Although that did take time.  The first few photos must have been a flop, but after a quick wardrobe adjustment I started feeling so much better and really got into the shoot.

Trying different poses, different settings, different backdrops, I didn’t want the shoot to end I was having so much fun and seeing my little guy in his 1920’s gangster regalia was precious.  After the initial nerves and uncertainty I went from timid and awkward to confident and relaxed and that shows in our photos!

While we were capturing the last shots of the day with a massive storm brewing in the distance and wind going like crazy, I was thrilled  that mother nature had done her bit to create the mood for us, wind machine and all.

It was an epic day of laughter, excitement and fun and  I’ve already started planning our next stylized shoot that Bron will be capturing as only she can, now just to find another outstanding venue like the last!

Vintage style shoot with Lane and Albert at Sammy Marks Museum

2 Jun

Lane knew that Sammy Marks Musuem would be the perfect venue for the type of shoot she wanted to do. I love it when my cleints find awesome venues for their shoots, and this was a really stunning venue.  The shoot was split into two parts,  the first half  with gorgoeus couple, Lane and Albert and the second half,  with Lane’s family.   I edited the pics with a vintage feel in mind as this is what Lane envisioned.   What more can I say except… take a look at the pics, this was one of my favourite shoots for many reasons. Thanks Lane and Albert, you guys were so chilled and so willing to follow direction.  Thanks to Lane’s mom, dad and brother for their enthusiastic participation at the end of the shoot.

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