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An “unexpected” wedding shoot

6 Aug

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Well…. this was a surprise wedding ‘shoot’    When Judy contacted me to do a shoot, she had said it was a pre-wedding shoot, so I assumed (you know what they say about assumptions) it was an engagement shoot… I arrived on Friday to find Judy in her wedding dress, not what I expected I must admit, but wow, she looked  gorgeous!  Then Reimar and Judy  explained to me  that they wanted this to be their formal wedding shoot as their actual wedding was the next day (Saturday) and they just didn’t want to deal with all the fuss of  having to do the formal wedding pics on their actual wedding day,  and so they would prefer to have it all done the day before. Well, I wasn’t really prepared at all to say the least.  I must say though, I am very grateful, as there was no real pressure at all, although I was little nervous, but then again I always have them butterflies fluttering about in my tummy before a shoot.  We had such an awesome time, I really enjoyed this shoot for so, so many reasons… I am so proud of the photo’s.  Congrats  Judy and Reimar , I wish you love , joy and friendship always. Thank you,  you guys  are really very awesome. Much love.

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